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Preschool &

Pre-Kindergarten Program

(2.9 - 6 years)

Drawing Time

Catered lunches. STEAM curriculum.

Fostering your child's life-long curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Kindergarten prep.

The Preschool /Pre-K Program at Early Risers is a dynamic environment designed to inspire curiosity and build confidence. Our enthusiastic teachers support the development of a life-long love of learning through engaging and creative STEAM  (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) focused activities and on-going projects. Preschoolers develop critical thinking skills with daily opportunities to plan, play, reflect, revisit and connect. Our inventive classroom environment allows for unhurried exploration while our indoor gym provides a fun place to create and play. Our curriculum further encourages cooperation and collaboration with peers and the development of a connection to the natural world.


We look forward partnering with your family as your child develops the foundation for school success!

Kids Drawing
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